The Philippines

Labeled as the Pearl of the Orient, as the name implies, there is so much more to discover from within.  Composed  of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines will never run out of places to offer.  Its archipelago is divided into  three (3) major areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Traveling in this country defines a worthwhile vacation that requires only a low-cost budget.  Exploring its exquisite  beaches, mountains, rivers and tropical rainforests, you have a wide option of activities – from mountain and rock  climbing to golfing, swimming to snorkeling and diving, white-water rafting to surfing, or simply nature tripping or  lazing around and checking out the various tourists spots in the country side.  While in the city, you can find huge  malls for shoppers of all ranges of interests, along with bars and restaurants for party-lovers and food enthusiasts.

Aside from the beauty of its landscapes, what makes a tour in the Philippines more interesting is the history and culture of every province that you’ll explore.  Learning the story behind those mountains and lowlands will make  the visit even more memorable for the tourists.  The Filipino culture is a fusion of Western  and Eastern culture, resulting from the influences of Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese,  its former colonizers, and the trading and affairs of our ancestors with the other  neighboring Asian countries.  Throughout the year, there are exciting festivals held in  every province, exhibiting the Filipino’s values, creativity, hospitality and blissful nature.

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