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Domestic Packages until February 2018 – Now Available!

Whether you are planning for an adventure trip, exploration of nature attractions, or a hassle-free organized vacation with friends and/or family, we have lined up all the options around our country – the Philippines.

Our three main regions – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – are rich with islands to explore so we break them down according to location for your easy reference!

Rates are valid until February 2018 except on peak periods (April 7 – 16 and December 16 – January 3, 2018).


Please click to see our offers of Domestic Tours for you!



  • All Tour Packages are almost complete and what your guest/group need in a vacation/tour. Options are given for some arrangements to cater the needs and wants as well as the budget of each pax.
  • All Rates are not yet accounting the Discounted (Photocopy/soft copy of IDs must be provided beforehand, e.g. Senior Citizen)
  • All RATES are Subject to Change without prior notice.
  • Minimum number is required for each package, please check accordingly.
  • Rooms are always based on the standard double/twin and a standard/tourist or inn. If with preferred type of accommodation, please advise us accordingly.
  • Cancellation will be based on the booking confirmation that will be given upon finalization with Tour/Payment Option.
  • All Packages are Land Arrangement Only. Always check the inclusions.
  • Itineraries are guide not the basis for the inclusion, voucher will be followed
  • Environmental fees are on pax account
  • Complete Travel Docs will be emailed. You may use your own vouchers, just input our tour voucher number
  • With free personal baggage tags for each Guest.
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What’s next in your Asia travel bucket list?

We are proud to offer you our new packages for different Asian destinations – from Cambodia to Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, and Dubai… All have available details for tour, accommodation and transportation packages.

You may find the details on our page:

Enjoy planning and let us know what you decide!




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Luzon Packages – Updated!

Hello everyone!

If you are in the mood to explore the gems of Luzon, we have prepared ready tour packages for you – accommodation, transportation and tour – combined!

This means hassle-free and enjoyable vacation – the only decision to make is to pick the destination you want.

So we are proudly sharing here the options with updated packages:


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